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About Us

 The Artist:
Color makes me happy. Maybe because I have lived under the gray skies of the Pacific Northwest my entire life, I can’t help but to embrace it. As a child, I discovered the joy of working with glass when my grandmother taught me how to cut and grind pieces for a stained glass window. Those lessons in creativity launched my interest in the medium and I have been obsessed ever since.  In 2006, I decided to follow my heart and take the leap from the corporate world into doing what I love most – spending time with my two daughters and pursuing my passion for glass art. Largely self-taught, I have been working in glass mosaics for the past 10 years and have studied contemporary mosaic art with local and international professionals. I am also a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and the Oregon Glass Guild. With the support of my loving husband, I now work from my home studio in Portland, Oregon and enjoy every minute of it. When I create, I feel joy. My hope is to share this joy with you through my work, and to bring just a touch of color and whimsy to your day. 

The Jewelry: 
This original line of mosaic jewelry is handcrafted with genuine Murano Millefiori and recycled glass.  Millefiori is Italian for "a thousand flowers", and is an ancient technique where glass rods are fused together then sliced to reveal beautiful flower-like patterns. These tiny pieces of glass are individually set by hand in bezels and then finished with a cold enamel resin process resulting in a fused glass look yet allows the texture to still come through. Stained glass remnants from my larger mosaic artworks are often incorporated into the miniature mosaic designs.  To see some of my original glass mosaics, check out the ART GALLERY here. All metalwork is sourced from the USA and consists of lead free pewter dipped in .925 sterling silver or 24k gold. Each piece is hand cut, sanded, polished, and packed with care before leaving our studio, ensuring you receive a quality piece of wearable art to enjoy for years to come.


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